Tuition Overview

Computer areaA FREE assessment is carried out to find out the levels at which your child is performing and any particular areas of difficulty. The results of this assessment are discussed confidentially with parents. If there is a problem we will explain how your child can be helped.

Unlike some tuition programmes a totally individual programme of study will be devised to meet the needs of your child, using methods which are tried and trusted and have been proven effective. We use a range of computer programmes, worksheets and textbooks all of which are designed to teach, revise and extend. Children attend lessons of 80 minutes duration. Research has shown this to be the optimum lesson length and it allows for a range of teaching activities within that session.

Lessons take place after school and on Saturday mornings. Normally a student will attend once or twice a week for a minimum of a term. Pupils are taught on a one-to-one basis within a small group of up to 5 children. We have found that being with other children is a benefit to the pupil, as helps to dispel feelings of isolation, self-consciousness or being uncomfortable on their own. Your child will work at their own pace, without fear of failure and through achievement will develop in confidence.