girl studying EnglishA good grasp of the fundamentals of reading, writing and speaking is the basis of any successful education. All learning within the curriculum at whatever level requires these foundations to be securely in place. Too often, for too many children, for whatever reason these foundations are not secure and this leads on to poor achievement across all areas of the curriculum. At Educ8te Tuition Centre we provide all levels of English tuition.


All types of reading difficulty are addressed at Educ8te Tuition Centre. These vary from children who are effectively unable to read to those who have only minor difficulties. Through a structured programme children will become confident, successful readers with a well-developed range of strategies to enable them to read, decode text and develop their comprehension of it. We encourage an enjoyment in and pleasure of reading. Comprehension practice is an integral part of our reading programme.


Spelling is a skill which some children take to naturally, but for many it is a far longer and more difficult process. At Educ8te Tuition Centre we teach spelling formally, teaching pupils a range of strategies and rules to apply to spelling. This enables the pupils to become more confident writers.


Understanding the structure of our language is important for children and necessary in helping them learn to become competent writers. Our structured approach ensures we cover all of the essentials.


Pencil and paper activities assist children to learn the correct letter formations and to develop speed and accuracy in written work. We encourage pupils to present their written work neatly with clear, legible cursive handwriting that has been written using correct letter formations. Writing Writing is an integral part of our English tuition. Pupils have opportunities to learn from their reading in order to develop a variety of writing skills. Mind-mapping techniques are used to facilitate structured writing with consistent use of paragraphs. We aim to ensure every student has a sound grasp of the basics of grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting. We also encourage word-processing skills as part of essential computer knowledge.

A typical session will include a range of activities such as:

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Written sentences to practise grammar
  • A range of writing tasks
  • Vocabulary development
  • Educational computer programmes
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Follow up homework