Easter Revision Courses


The 2016 Easter Revision Course booklet is now available to download. Click here to view. 

Easter GCSE Revision courses at Educ8te Tuition Centre, Norwich give students that final boost in confidence. They provide the kind of highly effective preparation for exams that can make all the difference to the final results.

Course Structure:

Each course consists of eighteen hours study (including breaks and timed work) over a period of three days; this is broken up into three hours in the morning session, an hour’s lunch break and three hours in the afternoon session. Homework will be set at the end of each session. It is therefore possible to complete three GCSE courses over the Easter holiday if so desired.

Specific details of the subjects and courses offered are outlined in our course booklet. Please contact us to request your copy. Because GCSE courses are designed to be taught over a period of two years it is impractical, not to say impossible, to provide an exhaustive coverage of any syllabus in three days. Our courses are not meant as a replacement for the two years of study.

We design our courses to meet the needs of the registered students by the means of a questionnaire which is sent upon receipt of a registration form. In this way our courses are specifically personalised to the requirements of our students. The courses are designed to give a clear understanding of the essentials of the syllabus and to teach exam techniques, so that students can use their knowledge to best effect.


 We focus on the following aspects, which we feel in our experience are key to improving student confidence and academic performance:

  • Intensive revision of core topics
  • Emphasis on understanding
  • Identification of the most common types of question set on individual topic areas
  • Development of appropriate question/answering techniques
  • Improvement of study and revision skills
  • To deal with any gaps in knowledge
  • To increase confidence


Our tutors are all highly qualified graduates and hold teaching qualifications. Each subject is taught by a subject specialist with considerable teaching experience and knowledge of the requirements and approaches demanded by the various examining boards.

Our small classes provide the opportunity for the teacher to give each student close personal attention. There is a maximum of eight students in any one group, but the average is generally no more than five or six.

Please contact us to request further information.